Monday, September 17, 2012

The Loofah: A Review

BEHOLD! THE MAGNIFICANT LOOFAH! I honestly never though I'd own a loofah, really. I played around with my moms when I was younger, but it always seemed scratchy to me. Why would someone subject themselves to a scratchy object?! So, I pretty much forgot about them until a month ago.

Up until recently, my skin was actually quite smooth. I really didn't need to do much with it. Then, suddenly, I was attacked by dead skin cells! I could literally scratch off them from certain spots in the shower. What the hell? It was like I had a layer of them sitting on top of my awesome skin. I have no idea how my skin changed so much, but, I was not pleased.

After dealing with my skin not feeling as clean as it should, I went on a mission to find a way to make it baby smooth once again. And honestly, my skin was also grossing me out. My first step was the buy a body brush. That would exfoliate me! It's rough! It HAD to work. Yeah, nope. It didn't seem to change much. It also kind of hurt. So, my next thought was "Maybe I needed something to exfoliate with the brush. That would make sense." So I bought an exfoliating body wash. After using it a couple of times, no dice. What was I doing wrong.?

For some reason, I thought that lotion was the key! Maybe it was actually dry skin and not dead skin! Genius! And, you know what, it actually was genius. But not in that way. My body needed lotion. So, it was a good buy, but my skin was still feeling blah.

After almost giving up hope, I decided the internet had to have a solution. And that's when I stumbled across the loofah. Seemed simple: Get it wet, massage it a little, and rub it on your body! And the price was cheap. I got 2 for less than 6 dollars.

When they finally arrived I dragged a loofah and my boyfriend into the shower and followed the instructions I read online. As soon as I dried off, I touched my body. SO SOFT! What did this magical loofah have in it? It didn't even feel like it was exfoliating! Maybe it tricked me? So I scratched at one of my bad spots. Nope! Nothing came off! I squeal in joy and told my boyfriend that my skin was as soft as his and forced him to pet me. He obviously didn't mind that. He also agreed that it did feel soft.

So, now, a month later, I still love it. It doesn't hurt my skin and it makes it feel so amazing! I will forever use a loofah as long as my skin needs it. And if you were having the same problem as me, pick one up! You might be quite surprised.

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