Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone Palette swatches and review

So for my first post of my make up collection: the Comfort Zone Palette. Many have heard of it's amazingness, and so I bought it to find out. (No, seriously. r/makeupaddiction and makeupalley are all over this product!) It was my second step into getting into eye shadow and the first step into some color. It is quite lovely, although the packaging is slightly annoying. I ended up depotting mine into a custom palette.

Aren't they pretty? (I obtained them from anothersoul@etsy, just in case you wanted to know.) The reason I mention this is because I love custom palettes and also because my shadows aren't in the same order as they are in the original packaging. Now on to the palette.

On the left side of the palette, we have some nuetral/pinky browns. I honestly bought the palette for this side. I had no idea if I could wear the greens, but I knew everyone could pull of neutrals. Here are the swatches for this side (remember crease and lid are switched in my pics) in both flashed and non flashed.

The browbone, crease, and lid colors are so beautiful. They are soft, buttery, pigmented, and easy to blend. A dream to work with! These pictures are pretty true to color. I'd feel like you get the exact color if you'd mix the two versions together.
The definer color here is a douchrome color. Unlike the other shadows, it is a little less blendable. Also, the shadow was so soft, it actually broke on me. ): It's very dark and personally not my color, but it's still really nice.

On the right side of the palette, we have these greens! To the ladies afraid of color, don't fret! These are light and neutral. Took a few weeks for me to get up the courage to play around with them. They are green, yes, but they manage to still have a neutral feel to them. Swatches below in flashed and not:

I have a bit more to say about each individual color with this side. First the browbone color here is just a perfect shadow like the ones above. Although light, it still holds a nice color.
The crease in this one is less amazing, it reminds me of the definer on the left side. Although it's soft, it's not as easy to blend.
The lid color on this side is my favorite. It's a light spring green and so easy to put on. The downside: it's kind of sheer. It's so pretty, but it's not as amazing as the first picture seems to show. ):
The definer is another duochrome, but this one seems to disappear when you put it on the skin. It looks great in the pan, but just not as amazing on. Don't get me wrong, it's still a very lovely and unique color, but just not as super totally awesome as I hoped.

In the end, this palette is amazing. It's cheap, has some unique colors, and has lasting power to it. Buy it! You won't be disappointed.

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