Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kat Von D's Mi Vida Loca Palette swatches and review.

Ever since I laid eyes on this palette, I wanted it. After getting my heart ripped out by knowing I'd never get to own the limited edition Wet 'n' Wild Palette I <3 Matte, I squealed when I found this. The colors drew me in instantly and the packaging only made me want it more. It was beautiful and I wanted to just hold it in my hands.

After a few weeks of fawning all over this palette, I finally bought it, texting my boyfriend about how happy I was for it to be here. I could help but stare at it and admire the bright colors and sturdy packaging. It was a dream come true.

No flash

Swan Song is an appropriate name for this color. It's whitish with a hint of pink to it or it's a super light pink. It also has a slight shimmer/sheen.
Marya is a light frosty pink.
No Regrets is that awesome pink with a slight sheen and some glitter specks.
Drama For Yo Momma made me weep. That beautiful purple I fell in love with is hard to deal with. It doesn't want to blend, it doesn't want to go onto skin, it doesn't want to stay. I hate it. It was everything I hope it wouldn't be. ):

No flash

Mad Max is such an awesome matte blue. It stays on and does everything it should. That and the green are my favorite colors in this palette,
Dublin is a bright green. Mixed with the blue, they create the best bright eyelid ever! Well, for me at least. I just drool whenever I see them together.
Sparklehorse is a lovely yellow-gold. It's great quality, but I haven't actually played around with it yet. Shame on me.
Altruism is a great name for a shadow. It's super fitting for the color I think. So far I've used it for my browbone and inner eye. It complements the colors nicely.
The last line we see there is the liner these shadows come with called Wonderchild. It's a dark purple/blue (indigo, I guess) and I haven't used it yet. I have no idea about the staying power (Although when I was wiping my arm off, it didn't want to come off!). Sorry. I'm pretty much married to my black eyeliner for bright colored eyes. Maybe one day...

Crappy picture of what it looks like at the end of an 8-hour work day!

Overall, I love this palette. Even with the crappy purple, I would rebuy it again. If they replaced the purple with a better purple, I would never leave this palette ever. If you were as obsessed with staring at this palette as I was, just buy it!

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