Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Julep Maven Review

I had been eyeing this program for a bit. I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it. $20 dollars seemed like a bit for me to just be spending all on nail polish stuff I wasn't sure I'd like. Then, I stumbled across the penny offer. If you use the coupon PENNY, you get your first box for a penny. Not bad, right? Worth it to me.

When I stumbled across the penny offer, I also came across a review as well. I found out you can switch your maven box to one of the other maven boxes for the month. What does that mean? Hate the box your getting, get a different one! That pleased me to hear. I also found out that you can opt out of a months box. Ok, yeah, sold!

So I got my first box and was super excited to try things out. Things I noticed: The colors were beautiful. The formulas were not very viscous. They dried on my nails very fast. They didn't chip any more than other polishes I've use. The bottles don't have a lot of nail polish in them. Overall, I liked them. Would I want to pay the full $14 retail? No way. Do I love getting them cheap in this box? Yes.

First box was the Classic With a Twist starter set pictured above. It contained The Best Pedi Creme Ever! ($22), Toe Separaters, Two Polishes ($14 each). It was worth 50 dollars! Sweet.

Second box was the It Girl Box that cost me $19.99. BUT, I did two adds on (you can do two a month) for $4.99 each. So my total was $29.97. In this box I got 4 different polishes. 3 polishes made up the original box ($14 each), and then there was an extra polish to celebrate the 4th of July (another $14)! I also got a voucher in this box for a free polish that is currently on it's way to my house (another $14)! My two adds on I got were a lip gloss ($18) and a pink polish to match ($14)! So the retail value of this box was $88. Nice!

So, for someone who is into polish like me, I get a great colors selection for a great price and it's just a fun idea. I'll be continuing this subscription for a while for sure.

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