Friday, July 20, 2012

Kat Von D's Saint Palette swatch and review

I really do love Kat Von D's palettes. The packaging is cute, the colors are gorgeous, and the quality is pretty decent. Of course it was only a matter of time before I got another palette from her. This time, I decided on Saint.

Look at the packaging! It's so pretty! I love the flowers on it. This one is like Mi Vida Loca in which case it's on a spring hinge, which is great for travel and easy to open. It also comes with an eyeliner, in black (Which I forgot to capture. Sorry!) I'm already in love. Now onto the colors:

Heavens: A Lovely pearlized cream color. What an appropriate name!
Enjoy the Silence: A Beautiful pearlized champagne color.
<3: This color is really interesting because it's actually a pale-pink matte with glittery in it.
Downtown: I wanna say a pearlized orangy-pink color.

Sunny: A pearlized golden orange.
Pray For Me: This is my favorite colors. A pearlized taupe!
Bookworm: This one isn't shimmery like the others, but it does have some glitter in it. It's almost like a mix between <3 and the pearls.
Carvaggio: Matte Brown. I hear this one is an amazing color or eyeliner! (:

I swear every palette of hers I have a favorite colors I'm just drawn to. In her Mi Vida Loca palette, it was Mad Max and Dublin (The blue and green); in her Beethoven palette, it was Leather and Sinner (The medium purple and the brown). In this one, it took me all of two seconds to fall in love with Pray For Me and Enjoy The Silence.

Out of all her palettes I have, this one is the highest quality. Mixed with the fact these colors are seriously gorgeous, I would highly recommend this palette.

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