Saturday, June 2, 2012

e.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick swatches and review

While the name implies these products are a lipstick, they're totally more of a gloss. Either way, they are one of my favorite e.l.f. products! I currently have them in 5 colors (picture below in order): Baby Lips, Perfect Pink, Bark,  Maple Sugar, and Brownie Points.

Baby Lips is a nude pink color. It really just gives the lips a hint of color, and some shine. I really like it to downplay my lips. It has some shimmer, but it's not in your face.
Perfect Pink is sort of a slightly darker bublegum pink, slightly less pink than what's in the picture. It's really nice to give a pink pop to your lips, but it's not overpowering and you can wear it during the day, even with a strong eye.
Bark is my favorite color. It's a sheer light plummy color and matches my natural lip color very well. So when I just want a natural look with a little bit more pop, this is the color I grab. If they ever decided to discontinue this product, I would stock up on this color.
Maple Sugar is a bit like Bark in color, but darker and with a frostiness/shimmer to it. It also has better pigmentation. This is more like a lipstick. I personally didn't like this one
Brownie Points is like Maple Sugar with the shimmeryness to it. It also has the better pigmentation to it as well. It's like a mixture between Bark and Maple Sugar.

The consistency with these aren't too sticky, which is awesome. The smell is normal, albeit, a little minty. The taste is pretty neutral with the slightly lip gloss taste. Totally expected with any lip product. These give a beautiful glossy sheen wit ha hint of color. Although they don't last super long, they are completely worth trying for a dollar and something you may fall in love with too!

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