Friday, April 12, 2013

theBalm Instain Blushes swatches and more!

So theBalm had a 50% off sale so I decided to take pictures of what I got!

In order: Mai Billsbepaid, Down Boy, Argyle, Lace, and Toile.

Mai Billsbepaid: This color is super pretty. It's actually really subtle on the lips and doesn't look so dark. I put a picture below for reference. The smell has a hint of mint and the lipstick made my lips the tiniest bit tingly. It's not bad at all. It's has your typical lipsticky taste. Which again, it's not in a bad way. It's a really smooth lipstick and goes on lovely even on dry lips. Guess who found a MLBB color! Meeeeeee.

Down Boy: I have been eyeing this blush for AGES. Seriously, ages. Something always happened to prevent  me for actually buying it. But now I have it! It's a really lovely light pink with cooler tones to it. It was everything I expected. It's perfectly pigmented but not too much and it blends so great! Glad I finally got this!

Argyle: First of the new Instain blushes! I took a plunge and bought three. I figured I would most likely love them since theBalm makes amazing pressed pigments. Guess what, I do! So it actually does stain a little when I swatched it on my fingers. On my arm, it wasn't bad at all. When on my face, on top of my make up, it was easy to remove. The only slight downside to this is that you have to be light handed with this compared to their other blushes because it can go on dark. But seriously, lovely product! And the color is a more flushed pink.

Lace: Lace to me reminded me of a brighter Down Boy. I really like it. I'd say this one stains the most out of the ones I got!

Toile: This is a beautiful strawberry color. This one is interesting because it has flecks of darker color in the actual pressed powder. Kind of like a strawberry!

So basically the blushes are awesome. I might pick up two more or maybe even the last three for the hell of it. But that'll be down the road!

Not pictured was Cabana Boy. I ordered the first day the sale came and they missed it. But I just sent them an email and it came a day later!

Before I forget, here is a picture of Mai Billsbepaid on my lips.

What did I tell you. Subtle! Thanks for reading!