Friday, June 8, 2012

Nicka K Absolute Perfect Twelve Eyeshadow in Studio swatches and review

Someone on r/makeupaddiction had made a post about a palette they had by Nicka K. They said it was super cheap and had really good pigmentation. Me, being the palette queen that I am, ordered some. I ordered both the 18 palette ones and the 12 palette one. The colors just looked so bright and pretty! I couldn't say no.

The first thing I noticed about this palette was it's actually pretty big. I have big hands so it's impressive to see how much of my hand it covers. But it's still really compact in size. Easy to travel with. I couldn't wait to try out the colors.

LOOK AT HOW BRIGHT THEY ARE! I know these are only flashed (and the layout in kinda wonky on my arm, sorry!), but this is how they look in person, I am serious. I had the pictures that had no flash to them, but the colors looked dull and nothing like how they look in person. 10 of the colors swatched were perfect, buttery, and smooth. The only two colors I had problems with were the black and the middle pink. Not a problem with me though. This palette was $2.49! Completely worth the money. Shipping is like 7 dollars though, so buy a few products and enjoy how awesome this palette is!

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