Friday, July 13, 2012

Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color Swatches and Review

So when I ordered one of these off of Cherry Culture, I didn't know I was going to absolutely adore it. So a week later I ended up buying six more colors. And here they are:

Colors are: Grape-Tini, Berry Colada, Sugar Cookie, Mango Delight, 
Raspberry, Watermelon Juice, and Sweet Strawberry.

So things I would like to say about these:
1) They smell like their name. So keep that in mind! Don't like the smell of grapes? Don't get the grape-tini.
2) They are not long lasting. Typical for a lip-balm gloss, but still.
3) They are moisturizing and very smooth on the lips!
4) They actually have a good tint to them. If you want them dark, you can get them pretty dark.
5) Packaging kind of sucks. The lip colors doesn't go all the way down, so it's easy to hit the product.
6) It's really soft. So don't have too much sticking up when you go to put it on and don't let it melt!

Even though this product has some faults, I still love it! And it's only around $1.99 so it's worth it just to grab one and try it out!

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