Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things I'm dying for

So I thought I'd do a "wanted" post of items I'm dying to try!

Photos courtesy of Sephora.com

Stila Countless Color Pigment in Light Show
     Oh my god. How could you absolutely not love the look of this item? I do. I really wanted to buy it but I didn't know about the quality. Lucky for me, I stopped by a Sephora and they had them out. They were awesomely pigmented and I could swatch all three colors! Sooo, yeah. I want this. The only complaints I hear is that it is kind of hard to get each individual shadow. That's ok, I love the overall color too. Of course The marble effect is different for each one made so I have to make sure I get a good one.

Kat Von D Everlasting Blush
     I'm in love with these blushes. So the packaging is cute and I wanted it first off because of that, but then I fell in love with the product. I talked my mom into trying out the color Heartgram while at Sephora and she really like it and ended up buying it. Then , I tried that color and fell so much in love. I am actually tempted to buy my own since I loved that one so much. Actually I want a few of them. All of the would be preferable, but that's not in my budget. D: Whhhhhhhhy?

Guerlain Meteorites Powder For The Face
     I have no idea why I want this product to be honest. I've heard it's pretty good, but yet, I don't know. It's so beautiful and cool looking and I've been lusting after it for months, but the price tag is so high for me for what it would do. I was actually going to get this from my boyfriend for our anniversary, but I got a super amazing deal on a 3DS XL so this didn't happen. One day, maybe.

Kat Von D Ludwig Palette
     So I already have 3 of her other palettes that I am absolutely in love with. So, naturally, I want this one. It's the greens that draw me in. I just NEED those greens. I've literally been eyeing this baby for months. Honestly I should probably just splurge and get it because I been longing for this longer than I should have for something of that price. Plus it's an eyeshadow palette. I maybe (possibly, yes) might have a obsession with palettes. So I might just buy this soon. You know, when Sephora actually has some good point perks, dammit!

     That's all for now. Stay tuned for next time!

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