Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why I cancelled my Birchbox

     Birchbox was my introduction to the world of beauty boxes and I enjoyed them immensely at first. Every month I would get it in the mail and be all excited about what I was going to get to try. If I didn't like some of the products, I would pass it to my mother and she would try it out for herself. So what happened? I had two big issues when it came to cancelling my box.

1) I was tired of itty bitty samples.
     Now, I totally didn't expect full sized all the time, but I really was expecting deluxe sample sizes for mostly the rest. Or at least for the products that you need to use more than once to decide on it. But that didn't happen. I would get a sample of skin cream in a tiny foil packet good for one use. Oh that's great to make sure this 40 dollar cream works for me by giving me a sample that will barely cover my face once.
     This is not all Birchbox's fault, I blame the companies too. I am not going to buy your product, unless there is enough to get a good feel for the product. I mean my skin is super sensitive and trying something once doesn't always prove if it will hurt my skin or not. I think skin care companies would know that since, you know, they are marketing a skin care product.

2) I feel like Birchbox didn't listen to my beauty profile at all.
     My second to last box, which is my last BB review on here, contained 3 different anti-aging products. I have never ever expressed interest in anti-aging products, so why give me three. Yeah, I wouldn't care if it was just 1, but 3? The only skin care box I had highlighted was the sensitive skin. So why give me a box containing these products? I look like I'm in high school, I don't want this stuff.
     Before anyone says anything, I do think anti-aging starts when you're young, but I believe staying out the sun, applying sunscreen, moisturizing, and drinking water is the best way to prevent aging. I feel like anti-aging stuff is mainly a gimmick, which some of it is. I am not spending 40 dollars on that crap.
     To top that box off, I had one time use sample sizes for anti-aging stuff. So, I'm not sure what that is suppose to prove to me. It's not like I would see any difference with one use. Completely pointless.

     So those were my big disappointments with BB. Now it wasn't all bad! I got to try new things and discovered my go-to scent. Below is the list of items that I did enjoy getting from my boxes:

Viva La Juicy Sample (Favorite Fragrance!)
Pangea Organics Lip Balm (Fullsize)
Twistband Hairties
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner (Favorite Eyeliner and fullsize!)
Beauty Blender Cleanser
Cool looking Bandaids (Fullsize)
Schick Razor
Model Co Lipgloss (Fullsize)

     Great products, a few I actually repurchased! Of course that was 8 items out of 64 items I got that I actually liked. 12.5% I actually liked and were happy to get compared to my 33.3% satisfaction rate with Ipsy items. Not to mention the stuff I didn't like were still awesome to get and I liked what they gave.

There you have it! This is why I cancelled. BB is a great program, but wasn't for me at all. I will probably gift my mom a subscription for Christmas again and bond together over the items. We both have different taste and it works well for what BB gives. (:

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